Tuesday, October 11, 2022


My new novel Am I Alone in the World? is coming soon. This book is fiction! If you read it, hope you connect with 'I' who is possibly alone in the world and desperately trying to find out what's going on. Who knows for sure? Part of 'I's' adventurous journey in doing this will be numerous freaky encounters with the fantastic and paranormal, and the discovery of stories, poems, and shelter in a dilapidated library.






Hello Friends,
I have missed your posts, photos, and comments. Since I have not been around here for a long time, many of you have asked what I'm up to. Well, lots of things, but one of the highlights is that after several years, including taking some time away from the blog, I have now completed writing a novel. Am I Alone in the World? is a gripping genre defying tale about a protagonist "I" who might be any of us and is apparently alone - in the world. What happened, if anything? Nobody seems to be around. Climate chaos, famine, war, and pandemic set the scene for ....... .

The book should be released sometime in November.