Monday, December 14, 2020

Reflection for the Week - December 14

Nobody is a nobody. Even those who say “I am nobody” are somebody. When it comes to some forms of Christian spirituality “a nobody syndrome” – like, give God all the glory – is frequently in play. Or it goes, “Don’t ever put yourself forward or mention your accomplishments. That’s unspiritual.” But this seems, humanly speaking, and I’m assuming being human and being spiritual have some common ground, counter intuitive. The desire to be somebody and to be somebody who accomplishes things in the world is not anti-spiritual. What is not spiritual is to have inappropriate pride in oneself or in what one does, but to say “well done” or “good job” is, I’d wager, appropriate pride and thus a valid expression of “spiritual.” Being spiritual, therefore, is disconnected from being nobody. So, go ahead “be somebody” and in doing so “be spiritual.” I think God would applaud.