Tuesday, July 28, 2020

From Evolution to Eden

Myth, History, Legend?
Adam & Eve? Magic trees in a Garden? Talking serpents? What kind of world might this be? If you’re looking for a plausible interpretation of Genesis 1-3, which takes both the ancient near-Eastern and the natural world informers seriously read
From Evolution to Eden: Making Sense of Early Genesis
In preparing the material for this book from a series of papers previously published in academic journals, we decided to make only minimal changes. We have arranged the contents in chronological order, so that the overall flow of the book accurately reflects how our thoughts moved from one question to the next. By placing the papers together in a single source, we hope to tell our own story of how our thinking about Genesis 1-3 unfolded, as we allowed the biblical world to meet and interact with our scientifically informed world. Hopefully, this will give readers some insight into what we think are the important questions that need to be raised as we come to terms with how to interpret and apply Genesis 1-3 today. In other words, our picture of this dynamic interdisciplinary relationship is a porous one, inviting our questions and daring us to venture down a new interpretive path with willingness to encounter what we find along the way.