Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Living Spiritual Rhythms - January 8

Kierkegaard – Works of Love, p. 23, 1847 (?)
"If it were true—as conceited shrewdness, proud of not being deceived, thinks—that one should believe nothing which one cannot see by means of her/his physical eyes, then first and foremost one ought to give up believing in love. If one did this and did it out of fear of being deceived, would not one then be deceived? Indeed, one can be deceived in many ways; one can be deceived in believing what is untrue, but on the other hand, one is also deceived in not believing what is true; one can be deceived by appearances, but one can also be deceived by the superficiality of shrewdness, by the flattering conceit which is absolutely certain that it cannot be deceived.

Which deception is most dangerous?"