Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Reflection for the Week - November 26

It is often argued that it takes a fusion of horizons – text and reader – to create meaning. But I’d wager this could be better said in a more explicit manner as meaning for ‘me – as the reader,’ since meaning arises from what is already there. The point is, it does not make any sense to say if ‘me – as the reader’ never reads the text – the text has no meaning. So, it’s valid to want to critique a reader imposition on the text, or the whims of the reader’s subjective response, or even authorial intent as meaning. Fair enough. Yet, whether ‘me – as the reader’ ever engages with the text or not it still has meaning for itself and the interaction between text and reader does not create this. Thus, a fusion of horizons is necessary for meaning in one sense, but not in another.