Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Living Spiritual Rhythms - October 30

Rocked by debt and greed, the Western world as we know it is slowly but surely disintegrating. There is a rising sense, a vibrant pulse if you will that fraud and betrayal are leaving us without direction and hope. Austerity plans are put in place, interest rates are cut, and more money is printed, though little really changes. But where to turn in the midst of the tailspin remains a significant question. Facing large scale and personal, moral, and economic meltdowns, the viable options seem slim, yet we try this and do a bit of that to no avail, or embrace various forms of fundamentalism, which collapse under the weight of fanaticism. Both relativism and absolutism, for example, strip us of reality. To be real-ly hopeful, I’d wager, is at least to move away from self-centeredness and to admit of having a need for a credible other worldly perspective that can be integrated with our own, yet not consumed by it.