Thursday, February 28, 2019

Thursday Thoughts - February 28

One of the salient features that marks the twenty-first century is that we are living in a post-trust culture. This means that our ability to trust institutions, governments, politicians, economies, and churches is rapidly coming to an end. Furthermore, the Christian faith in the West seems to be losing its traction, coherence, and credibility. The principles of marketing and consumerism in many churches are replacing the deep spiritual realities of truth, unity, and love, which are so essential in a world lost in propaganda and fraud. It seems to me, therefore, that this is a defining moment in history, and that lots of changes are emerging, including the disappearance of churches. Perhaps, that’s just as well since the current revision of theology now taking place is bound to make many more of them irrelevant, as they are unable to adapt to credible new directions and perspectives that could possibly rekindle trust.