Monday, September 24, 2018

Reflection for the Week - September 24

Holding to metaphysics with no grounding in science is like running a 100 meters race with a 99.5 meters head start – you’ll never lose. There’s a real credibility issue here that is now more than ever staring Christians in the face. Metaphysics, if it’s going to have traction, has to have a viable scientific connection to the physical world. As we point out in our book From Evolution to Eden, it is crucial that there’s some symmetry here, but also essential to accept and underline a place for dissymmetry. We’re not in the business of ‘proof,’ however a tighter more responsible liaison between the world beyond and this world is highly welcome. Let’s allow them to constrain and complement each other, recognizing that sometimes there’ll be greater harmony, while at other times a loaded tension. In short, relation and distinction has to be in the race from the outset. Collapse them or keep them entirely separate and the wager is; we tend to slip away from reality, where everyone starts and finishes in the same place.