Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Living Spiritual Rhythms - August 22

When our faith in God configuration is rigid and brittle, we’re going to be in for significant problems. As new ideas surface and gain traction, particularly with respect to the natural world informer, an inflexible paradigm will produce fear rather than engagement. Unbending formulations of God, self, other, and world are unsustainable. They will be credibly forced to make a hasty retreat in due honesty, as protecting and deferring play the role of a meta-narrative – a totalizing story that explains everything – which suddenly or gradually collapses and is shown up to be what it always was: an illusion. Christians don’t want to embrace illusions, but a real world that makes sense, on the levels that we can understand it. Thus, a flexible, more elastic perspective for faith in God is the way forward, since it’s open to fresh data and to refiguring a life-view.