Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Now Available. Living Mark's Story

Reading the Gospel of Mark is a fascinating adventure, with the destiny of humanity hanging in the balance. Where’s it all going? In this narrative commentary, Gregory J. Laughery wagers that to read and hear this story is to enter a possible world; a world of subversive reversals of perspective, intrigue, mystery, and strange riddles, with Jesus as its central protagonist. Far from a simple tale, filled with easy answers or a basic list of rules to follow, Mark’s story is explosive; combining exquisite literary creativity and formidable theological force. Readers are challenged to participate in the recounting and to lose their lives so that they, in turn, may find them. Thus, this compelling story is a drama to be performed―lived—acted out. Since the world of self-serving power, fame, and control is decaying, only the embrace of a possible world and all it offers, according to Mark, will lead to life after death.


carter said...

I am looking forward to getting your book! Years ago, I read the gospel of Mark in one day and was stunned at the sped of the events in the life of Jesus and the political intrigues through which he walked. It is a description of a political and religious-heirarchical (sp) minefield.

Greg said...

Carter, Thanks. Good. I think you'd like the Imagination book too. True, Mark is moving at high speed and the urgency of the story is stunning.