Thursday, December 7, 2017

New Book. Living Imagination. Who Am I & What is Real?

I have a chapter on William Wordsworth in my new book: 

Living Imagination. Who Am I & What is Real?

Imagination! lifting up itself
Before the eye and progress of my Song
Like an unfather’d vapour; here that Power,
In all the might of its endowments, came
Athwart me; I was lost in a cloud,
Halted, without a struggle to break through.
And now recovering, to my Soul I say
I recognize thy glory; in such strength
Of usurpation, in such visitings
Of awful promise, when the light of sense
Goes out in flashes that have shewn to us
The invisible world, doth Greatness make abode,
There harbours whether we be young or old. 
The Prelude, 1805, Book VI (525-537)