Monday, November 13, 2017

Reflection for the Week - November 13

In our book From Evolution to Eden, we refer to the publicized image of “science as a candle in the dark.” We contend that, in some sense, this picture has a ring of truth. New research is uncovering interesting things about nature and humans as part of it - de-crypting DNA and now making tremendous progress in doing the same with the human brain are going to be monumental. Building off this, we get a better vision of what’s happening now.

That is, the “light” of the natural sciences can no longer be considered separately from that of the human sciences, including theology. To a greater and greater degree – they have to be in dialogue with each other. The days when the natural sciences were thought to be only about material, measurement, and mechanism are over. It’s not that natural science is not about those dimensions, but it is now about much more and because of this the human sciences have to pay attention (notice I didn’t write and agree with it all). Thus, let’s face it, some of our theology, for example, will have to be established from outside the biblical text. Once DNA and the brain took a central place on the scientific stage, we entered new territory, which has serious implications for our understanding of God, spirituality, and the whole of life.