Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - September 7

The notion of the supposed loss or partial loss of humans being “images of God” has had disastrous results for humanity, but especially for the weak, disabled, and impoverished, as well as for those with a skin color other than white, or for women. Approaches to God’s image have all too frequently been more connected to early church, Medieval, or Reformation ideas (of course the case for God too), than the biblical narrative. As far as I can tell from my contemporary standpoint, in that mega story, all humans were, are, and will continue to be “images of God,” and thus should be treated as such.


carter said...

The terrible truth is that this applies to everyone, regardless of what they think of me or what beliefs to which they adhere. Google a song by Lost Dogs called "Breathe Deep." (They actually misspelled it as "Breath Deep.") Politicians, morticians, skinheads, red heads, homophobes, tax evaders, wife beaters, doctors, lawyers, judges and jurors, (on and on)--breathe deep, breathe deep[ly] the breath of God.

carter said...

When I say "terrible" I don't mean bad--I mean in the sense that it is a radical call to love, to empathize and to sympathize.

Greg said...

Thanks Carter. Indeed 'terrible.' I'll check out the song.