Monday, August 28, 2017

Reflection for the Week - August 28

In addition to Freud’s atheism, there are many others, including Nietzsche, Barthes, and Foucault, who argue that God is a contradiction to life, for the death of the Author, and that the strategic alignments of power interests are out to control knowledge, relationships, and truth. While these thinkers have some salient insights, their wayward conclusions have contributed to the cultural construction and propagation of a cynical, pessimistic, and decentered self. Yet, in the face of such views, the counter-cultural and always avant-garde perspective of Christian promise and hope defies this manufactured status quo. Destroying idols and listening to symbols is one of the keys that unlock living spirituality and possibilities for engaging God. When this takes place we are no longer trapped within a network of self – other power plays that exploit us, but we are embraced by a Divine love without measure, where freedom leads to redemption and transformation. Being loved in this manner supplies us with a re-centered self and an identity that goes far beyond any of our own making.


carter said...

I have seen in America just what Freud and others have seen: that the "church" has allied itself with the principalities and powers to protect its material interests and its desire for control. The "church" has morphed into a self-justifying protector of the wealthy and the continued subjugation of the poor. Look at the religious justification for the destruction of the poor by balancing the budget by cutting the programs that protect them, even if only to a limited degree.

Greg said...

Carter, Thanks. I certainly would not disagree with you or Freud and others that you say have seen what you have. They clearly had some pertinent insights into religion and the church and its grotesque failures, but their thought also had a downside.