Monday, August 14, 2017

Reflection for the Week - August 14

A supposedly insurmountable antagonism towards self – self-hate – read as a continual experience of fault and denial, undoes dialogue and strikes at the heart of selfhood. That is, when trust and suspicion cancel each other out, there will be little or no capacity to change self-hate. What and who to trust and what and who to be suspicious of, if suspended in this manner, result in a default adherence to the status quo. To break the cycle of the same, it must be realized that trust and suspicion orientations cannot rest solely on the self, and other informers have to be taken into consideration. When an embrace of a dialogue with these reliable informers takes place it can help to validate appropriate trust and suspicion, and thereby expose self-hate as a lie, eventually replacing it with a finite, yet genuine picture of a truer self to love and be loved, in the configuration of oneself as another.