Friday, June 30, 2017

Recent release - Living Hermeneutics

Paul Ricoeur was one of the most prolific thinkers of the twentieth century. There have been many books written on Ricoeur’s philosophy, but very little is available on his theological trajectory and its connection to biblical interpretation. Living Hermeneutics aims to fill that lacuna. It brings to life the diverse ways in which Ricoeur’s work can contribute to and open up viable possibilities for critiquing both modernist and postmodernist orientations, while offering new theological and hermeneutical directions for understanding the text, the reader, and the world. This book is aimed at a broad student audience, as well as the interested general reader who would like to know more about Ricoeur.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Living Paint - June 29

Out of the rarefied atmosphere of decades of meeting with thousands of people, reading, teaching, and writing books on philosophy, theology, science, hermeneutics, spirituality, and imagination, somehow in the last few weeks, these “tableaux,” and others, are mysteriously emerging in my office. What fun!



Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Living Spiritual Rhythms - June 28

To hear and read the story of Mark is to enter a narrative world of conflict and drama, possession and dispossession, subversive reversals of perspective, intrigue, mystery, and strange riddles, with Jesus as its central protagonist. It is far from a simple or nice story, filled with easy answers or a basic list of rules to follow. Readers, in contrast, are challenged to participate in the story and to lose their lives for Jesus’ sake in order to find them. What? Outrageous! The story is presented as a drama to be performed―acted upon―and is out to persuade the imagination and then through this to have an impact on the whole person. The world of self-serving power, fame, and possession is shattered, and readers are invited to embrace another world that will lead them to life after death.  


Monday, June 26, 2017

Reflection for the Week - June 26

Knowing God sufficiently comes about through a matrix of revealed dimensions and perceptive experiences; creation, Exodus, death and resurrection set out the course for both explanation and understanding. Taking these particulars and beginning to recognize them as an integrated whole will bring about fresh insights into the inexhaustible God. Such vital new orientations have a capacity to evoke and provoke a myriad of practical actions towards self, other, and the world, which can actually lead to dramatic change and the goal of ultimate transformation.  


Theology & Evolution

Early Genesis - and how we read its narratives and their relevance for today - is currently generating a lot of questions. Discoveries from various disciplines about the natural world are prompting an urgent need for credible methods of interpretation that can engage in challenging interdisciplinary discussions. Our book From Evolution to Eden offers some fresh hermeneutical possibilities for your consideration. Check it out.