Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Living Spiritual Rhythms - March 22

People are searching for humanness. In many churches today Christians are not being taught to be human. Various churches fail to inform believers that the natural and biblical worlds count, that they will only truly find themselves in community with God and the other, that Christ is Lord of all of life, and that embracing these realities will lead to transformation – being ultimately human. This is the only feasible way to a better understanding and explanation of true selfhood. Yet, this seems to be happening so infrequently. Impoverishment in churches is a major plight. Interaction with other worlds, such as music, art, film, internet, are often an attempt to find oneself, and this is fine to a degree. Inherently, there is nothing wrong with these other worlds and often they express something of the humanness that is longed for in life. Good. But the problem is, when these other worlds do this even better than churches; people will continue to gravitate towards such worlds for the entirety of their understanding and identity. Christians, of all people, ought to be extending a vision of ultimate humanness that makes better sense, and showing that the Christian ‘world-view’ incorporates and gives rise to thought about all the rest.