Monday, March 20, 2017

Evolution & Theology in Genesis 1-3

Our book From Evolution to Eden. Making Sense of Early Genesis is one of the forerunners in the science and religion debate; we focus uniquely on the creation narratives and how to better interpret them in light of the natural world informer. In addition to our work, it is encouraging to see that Christians are now doing more in this area by taking evolution seriously and recognizing that when doing so it will have implications for theology (Adam and the Genome; Evolution and the Fall). Not only should this exploration continue full force, but I’d wager two further massive questions require thoughtful reflection: 1) The authority of the biblical text 2) Divine action. We’re making progress, dare I say evolving, and as we do so there may be a possibility of regaining some lost credibility where the faith is at least put back on the table of options concerning what is true.