Thursday, February 23, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - February 23

I hear claims like this frequently. “Well, my expectation is that God will do this for me. You know He just has to.” Perhaps, the stark, yet exquisite words penned by the famous author of Ecclesiastes, “Vanity, vanity, vanities of vanities, all is vanity” could, in our own day, be translated into, “Expectations, expectations of expectations, all is expectation.” And God better meet them or else. God expectations are running wild, and the way they are prioritized is a serious problem. Okay, there’s nothing wrong with expectations, unless they’re playing a role they don’t deserve to be. And unfortunately this is all too often the case. The Christian life is supposedly all about ME and MY expectations being fulfilled. Some think that being a Christian centers on what’s in it for me, not on whether or not it’s true. People are getting burned by this and the Christian bubble they’re attempting to live in is exploding. Good! The time for a credible faith anchored in whom and what is real couldn’t be more pressing than it is today.