Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Living Reflections is now available as an ebook!

Living Reflections is now available as an ebook!

LIVING REFLECTIONS is a worthy contribution to contemporary Christian thought, moving seamlessly from philosophy to theology and back.” C. Stephen Evans, Professor of Philosophy, Baylor University

“For those wondering what Francis Schaeffer might say about postmodernity, this collection of essays may provide the answer.” Kevin Vanhoozer, Professor of Theology, Wheaton College

“This is philosophical wisdom in service to the Word.” James K.A. Smith, Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College

LIVING REFLECTIONS engages with theological, philosophical, and hermeneutical dilemmas that are of the utmost importance for both the academy and church.” Graham McFarlane, Senior Lecturer in Systematic Theology, London School of Theology

LIVING REFLECTIONS offers five perceptive essays on religious epistemology and biblical hermeneutics.” Lee Hardy, Professor of Philosophy, Calvin College