Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thursday Thoughts - January 5

Some Christians are open to engaging with cultural and philosophical ideas, but when it comes to theology, they shut down. If this doesn’t change we’re going to find our churches emptier than they may be already. A younger generation will simply not “go along” with the older one. In fact, they're leaving church in a mass exodus or not interested at all. It is now more important than ever to recall that theology is not static and has to be in dialogue with other informers, if it is to maintain credibility in our times. As new information hits the universities and the streets including, the monumental immensity of the universe and the possibility that there’s more than one; DNA developments that seem to indicate more strongly than ever that humans evolved; neurosciences discoveries about how the human brain functions and some of the implications of that for selfhood and religious belief, are all eventually going to have an unavoidable impact, and rightly so, on how we view God. There is far, far, more to discover about who this God character is, not least in the vast related and distinct mega stories of the natural world and the biblical text. Perhaps, even, we’re at the beginning of an enormous paradigm shift.


Anonymous said...

Well said!I'm interested in writing a book that would amongst other things look at how the God Jesus reveals is a God who surprises, offends,loves, and transforms while he/she shatters/transcends our worldviews/theologies faster than we can make them up. A God who won't be had in a box. A God revealed through stories,art, science etc yet a God not contained by any one perspective.

Greg said...

Thanks. I look forward to reading it. You may be interested along the way in our book From Evolution to Eden or some of my Rhythms books.