Monday, January 30, 2017

Reflection for the Week - January 30

In spite of what some are proposing, “We are not all Christians, Muslims, theists, or atheists.” As much as I’m sympathetic with something like this; the attempt to express solidarity, it is unhelpfully formulated. We are not ‘everyone.’ This is called relativism and relativism is dead. Protest, as has become all too clear in recent times, actually means there really is a difference in points of view and thus everything is not the same. I’d suggest the overarching scenario here is more likely pluralism and pluralism is alive and well. My wager is that’s good. To embrace a compassionate and loving pluralism will not make us all the same; there will be opposing positions. But these positions are to be held with mutual respect, openness for discussion, and a strong dose of gracious concern for the other. A better formulation, in my view, is: oneself as another with all its welcoming, yet arduous, complexity and diversity.