Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Living Spiritual Rhythms - January 4

The dismantling of the God of evangelicalism is well underway, but this doesn’t mean that theism and Christ have become irrelevant or unbelievable. What’s taking place, and rightly so, is a redescription of the faith. That is, it’s being metaphorized, by which I mean necessary deviation and innovation are gaining momentum. This metaphorical turn, partially brought about through an awareness of a powerful natural world informer, leads to an inauguration of fresh meaning, which is essential for moving forward with God. The days of an inerrant biblical text, literal readings of early Genesis, blindly rejecting science, and avoiding questions and doubts are done, as is the case with a lot of other views evangelicals desperately attempt to hold on to. New reformations or revolutions are at hand – and faith in God can take on a new credibility.