Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - November 17

Control freaks tend to surmise that they must choose one of these false options – to not be in control or to be in control. The former is seen as dangerous and the latter as bliss, yet control is still at the core of both. Irony is, neither of these is a valid position to embrace, as they each promote self-deception in placing ourselves at the center of our lives. Being self-deceived is not a virtue, but a problem for oneself, the other, the world, and God. Letting go of control issues that perpetuate vicious circles of domination and defeat begins to open up a receptivity to redemption, which frees us to move in the direction of another perspective. This salvifically shaped outlook, a major feature of God’s rescue mission, allows us to challenge self-deception, and eventually to see its power diminish, as transformation shines its piercing light onto our fears of relinquishing that which is false and misleading.