Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Living Spiritual Rhythms - August 31

I’m becoming exceedingly suspicious of whether there is a link between Christian and spirituality – alas, so much talk and so little action. This rather large gap between words and deeds strikes me as problematic. True, no one’s perfect, but let’s not justify whatever we can get away with by that appeal. In engaging with those who call themselves Christians, some of us may all too often observe hollow and superficial ideologies and practical lives that fail to reflect the face of Christ. There’s also a lamentable lack of the reality of love, of authenticity, and the “real,” which become reasons for others to avoid all things and people labeled Christian. Not only do life’s important questions go unanswered, but the veracity of holistic, interactive, and interpretive living spirituality is acutely absent. In spite of this slow but sure death of “the Christian,” God is liberating people; thousands of them, who thirst for more.


Unknown said...

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