Monday, June 27, 2016

Reflection for the Week - June 27

For a long time now I’ve been doing research on the complex debate about God and the world, better known in some circles as pantheism, panentheism, and classical theism. Here’s an ultra-brief summary of a few of my present reflections. God is giveness. God is personal and relational. God creates the world as a free choice and the world is related to and distinct from God. The world is in God and God is in the world, yet God is infinitely bigger than the world. God is engaged by the world and creatures in it, but is not dependent on them to exist. The Divine is not emerging, nor in the process of becoming. The world is not necessary for the Creator, but through creating the world it becomes a necessity for God, if God is going to bring about something better through it. Thus, God does not require the world as an essential dimension of God’s Godness, though God is shaped by it and for it. God is not dialectical in the sense that God is good and evil, free and determined, fullness and emptiness, but God is dialogical in that communicative action and passionate love are the theological heartbeat of who the giving of the world God is.