Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Living Spiritual Rhythms - June 15

It seems to me our culture is increasingly one of dislocation and fragmentation. Modernist notions of stability and permanence are rightly being shattered, as they were rooted in deception. In its place postmodern nomads now wander from here to there - to nowhere, but this is not merely a physical or geographical phenomenon, it pertains to the way folks live. False certainty has been replaced by false uncertainty. Flitting from this to that and back again is so common today. Many attempt to re-invent themselves by the hour. No home, no boundaries, no commitments – wandering. These powerful, persuasive, and misleading images are often peddled by our culture and embraced by the crowd. They leave us destitute and floundering. Such forms of the postmodern turn now need to be replaced by a God turn, where true images of what’s creationally and redemptively real abound and offer a safe space to be.