Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Living Spiritual Rhythms - June 1

Governments have created masses of debt, especially over the last decades. European irresponsibility, for example, has reached new levels of chaos and there is little doubt that anyone really knows what’s going on. Transparency is shrouded over by so many layers of corruption and greed, there’s no way to see more clearly just how bankrupt we truly are. Meanwhile, terrorist activities multiply, migrants stream out of horrific war torn situations, and in the Hague a list of tyrants await trial for genocide and other crimes against humanity. Tribal, ethnic, and religious hatred has promoted debts that no austerity measures can ever correct. Yet, from times past the living Messiah has inaugurated redemption, which flows into this present volatile context and on into the future; something so new and dramatic has burst on the scene through his life, death, and resurrection that we can hardly imagine what it fully entails. As followers of Christ therefore, we are not restricted to the status quo of the cycle of violence and animosity, but engaged in and by a transformation of grace that leads us towards our destiny of imaging the Crucified and Risen One in this life and the next. This means that we have a role to play in the unfolding drama of the world; God’s world. We are to make a redemptive contribution to the full spectrum of concerns, be they political, economic, or social, which will give a voice to a credible love and a prudent justice that desperately needs to be heard and lived.