Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Living Spiritual Rhythms - May 25

Growing numbers of Christians and non-Christians are bewildered by a sense of the inauthenticity and the lack of real and genuine love among us. The words fake, arrogant, and aloof all too often describe and characterize us, both inside and outside the Christian community. Believers become apathetic and cynical. They’re floundering and drifting. Unbelievers look and say, “Who cares?” There’s nothing different in the Christian community. These unbelieving observers then turn away and go about business as usual. And all the while we are consumed with constructing our Christian bowling alleys and health clubs, dogmatically privileging our doctrines over people, constructing our apologetics without love, and chasing after making more and more money. We are missing the mark of a Christian: failing to truly love others and to authentically care and act in Christ like ways. This, it must be said loud and clear, is deplorable.