Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thursday Thoughts - March 17

Looks like much of what we’ve known as “church” in the West will skip at least a generation. The declining church is in big trouble. Younger people are turning away in droves, while even those with a long history of church involvement are having serious questions about its sustainability. In not being able to realize that the Jesus that it so arrogantly assumes is on its side is actually out to contradict the consumerism, privilege, and nonsense it stands for, the deal is done and it’s unlikely that much will change in the near future. But this may indeed be for the best, as out the ruins new forms of church will arise that are more gracious, loving, and open minded, and therefore closer to the gospel than what preceded them


carter said...

I think that the American Church (in general), having embraced what it considers to be its God-directed role to become a political power player, has assumed the role not of Christ but of the Rome of the first century CE.

Greg said...

Carter, Thanks. Great point. Sad but true.