Monday, January 4, 2016

Reflection for the Week - January 4

I would wager no one escapes bias – let’s say holding an opinion, a point of view, not solely a negative prejudice, though that may appear too. This would mean no one is neutral and therefore no reading of the text is neutral. The aim, however, is not to ‘empty’ ourselves of biases to reach an illusory neutrality, but to become more aware of biases and their potential negative influence in our quest for deeper understanding. So, to acknowledge bias and to be open to exposing its sometimes corrosive effect is exemplary, and will lead to an honest consideration of different opinions than one’s own. Building off that counter to ‘dogmatic blind biases’ we’re offered a new possibility for exploring better or worse interpretations, instead of being woefully resigned to all interpretations are ‘equal,’ or to my interpretation is the only ‘right’ one.