Monday, January 11, 2016

Reflection for the Week - January 11

After having read this years ago, today I somehow remain sympathetic to Akh-en-Aton, the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh, who worshipped the sun. He is thought to have composed the Hymn to the Aton. Intriguingly, though in another creational and theological context, there are reminiscences of his thoughts in Ps 104.
He says: Thou appearest beautifully on the horizon of heaven,
Thou living Aton, the beginning of life!
When thou art risen on the eastern horizon,
Thou hast filled every land with thy beauty.
Thou art gracious, great, glistening, and high over every land;
Thy rays encompass the lands to the limit of all that thou hast made:
When thou settest in the western horizon,
The land is in darkness, in the manner of death.
At daybreak, when thou arisest on the horizon,
When thou shinest as the Aton by day,
Thou drivest away the darkness and givest thy rays.