Monday, December 7, 2015

Reflection for the Week–December 7

A perception of ourselves, others, God, and the natural world, shows us that we’re “in-between.” Intriguingly, this is where humanity finds itself on the evolutionary and theological register. Humans, though not often recognizing it, are in debt to an ecosystem that plays a momentous role in their coming to presently be who they are. This magisterial, though far from perfect system, has been unleashed to the degree that it is, now more than ever, affected by the human enterprise at many levels. Such a deep “in-tuning” with our surroundings should lead us to make responsible efforts to care for the planet, as fellow creatures in the Created. P1000292Theologically, we’re in the midst of a mega and ongoing theodrama, a course that is to bring about something even more unique, rhapsodic, and adventurous than ever before in moving from the story of beginnings to a new beginning. Being in “contact” with the Creator and finding ourselves on the stage of the previous, current, and forthcoming extraordinary illumination through a Christocentric event, puts us in the position of having the agency to significantly contribute to the vast operation of renewal, not only towards our own kind, but also to the whole earth. “In-betweeness,” is a privilege and an opportunity.