Monday, December 21, 2015

Reflection for the Week - December 21

Some say that Theology is all that matters for Christians, since there is a “metaphysical priority” in naming theological truths. Ok. Well, maybe a quibble or two about metaphysics, though not for now. But even if theology appeals to metaphysics, theology is not all that matters. I would wager that it is equally important to hold to a “physical priority” in naming scientific truths. To go down this path means that Priority will depend on what subject is being discussed. If we’re talking about loving our neighbor, then theology will have the priority, whereas if we’re talking about cells and molecules, science will have it. I’m suggesting that both matter; each priority has its own voice, which needs to be heard. Building off that, I’d then propose that a dialogue between them is essential for deeper understanding. That is, through dialogue we will discover that the metaphysical and the physical have some relation to, yet also some distinction from each other. Working out which is which will lead to an increasing credibility and open up possibilities for finding out more about what’s true.