Monday, July 27, 2015

Reflection for the Week–July 27

WELCOME to The Empty Church! C’mon along y’all. We have no challenging teaching that asks you to think about your beliefs or raises serious questions. If you read the biblical text at all, we’d suggest that you read it any way that pleases you. Just skip over any hard parts and focus on what makes you feel good. Devote all your devotion to yourselves. One of our goals is to help you be hyper wealthy and very happy, not like those inferior types y’know. No helping the poor and oppressed around here. In addition, rest assured there’s no concern for pollution or caring for the environment, since it’s all gettin’ burned up anyway. Oh, and yes it’s true, the best part of all this is there’ll be loads of donuts and espressos after our 15 minutes together. A-wo-men