Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Will Churches Survive A PT Culture?–April 8

One of the salient features that marks the twenty-first century is that we are living in a post-trust culture. This means that our ability to trust institutions, governments, politicians, economies, and churches is coming to an end. Furthermore, the Christian faith in the West seems to be losing its traction, coherence, and credibility. The principles of marketing and consumerism in many of our churches are replacing the deep spiritual realities of truth, unity, and love, which are so essential in a world lost in propaganda and fraud. It seems to me, therefore, that this is a defining moment, and that churches are at a historic crossroads. Even prominent leaders of large denominations are aware: church survival is under serious threat. I believe we can make contributions to reversing this demise if we seek to exemplify a variety of perspectives:

1) Be living testimonies to God’s truth, grace, and love in serving others.

2) Engage nature and humanity missionally and redemptively.

3) Practice appropriate levels of confidence and humility in apologetics.

4) Focus on better ways of interpreting the biblical text.

5) Support credible scholarship in a multiplicity of disciplines.

6) Generate creative and interesting music, writing, and art.

7) Involve ourselves with integrity in politics, culture, and economics.

8) Care for the poor and oppressed.

9) Avoid being so self-centered.