Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Living Spiritual Rhythms–February 18

She often ends up using herself, instead of loving herself. Flawed, patchy, and complex, like us all, she caves in to the falsehood of authenticating herself as the standard setter – the one who fixes the measurement of who she is. But, ironically, this is all a capital “I” covering over – a veil – a hiding from the pre-measured – pre-standard self. That is, there’s someone there prior to such measuring and any standard that she puts in place. Actions towards herself in this regard are epic, yet remain an internal matter with herself, rather than a God issue. Coming out from a deception is a tremendous challenge, as so much seems weighted on holding onto the masquerade, but she herself as the already transparent, once hidden, and then exposed, is the called and longed for, which actually resonates with a continuum of “hereness,” spelled out as “here I am now,” accepted and loved by the Magnificent One, who always is.