Monday, January 26, 2015

Reflection for the Week–January 26

The symbolic can be seen as that which evokes imaginative thought and carries meaning that stretches beyond one’s total comprehension. In a sense, the symbol transcends what can be known. The biblical text, for example, is full of symbols (God is a rock, etc). As an augmentation of reality, symbols carry the potential to expand the interpretative space and give rise to an outpouring of meaning. Therefore, symbols form the means to encode and promote explorative thought and thereby, open up a realm of creative possibilities for reflection. It is important to note that even though symbols have extensive meaning, they still operate within a given domain. Without such constraints, the symbol would be incomprehensible. What this means practically is that the interpretation and understanding of symbols revolves around their connections to realities in the living world. However, this measure of what I call “hermeneutical realism,” does not underplay the reflective potency of the symbolic.