Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Living Spiritual Rhythms–January 14

Boundaries and accountability might call for suspicion, but it depends on who’s setting them and requiring it. If these are put in place by a trustworthy other, they can rightfully function as at least a safeguard against naivety and making it up as we go along. But it would appear to me that nowadays many take such credibility checks like this far too personally. They see both bounders and accounters as performing treacherous acts of betrayal against them. This, I believe, is largely due to how they look at life – hyper subjectively, which promotes pretending and not facing reality. There is little recognition here of a “loving objectivity,” or considering a justifiable “way” that they might need to be challenged to perceive differently. And when you’re one that “don’t fit in” to their perceptive orientation of the unbounded and unaccountable, it means you’re negative and therefore untrustworthy, even perhaps a heretic. I think I’ll opt for being one of those any day, instead of caving to the unreal.