Monday, November 3, 2014

Reflection for the Week–November 3

When her/his default mode is undermining belief in her/him self, her/his line of appeal for this is her/him self. Such an orientation creates difficulties, and attempting to be a self-authoritative self in this particular area of life is one of them, as he/she knows very well it will not hold up elsewhere. Isolating modes of being creates monologue, which in contrast to dialogue, leaves much more room for lying to oneself. Another problem is that the scale of trust and suspicion is strongly tipped towards trusting him/her self in unbelief, when suspicion should be tilting the scale in its direction. Clinging to her/his unbelief in him/her self, therefore, is a devastating contradiction, since she/he is supposed to be negating belief in her/him self, but in actuality is really affirming it.