Monday, November 10, 2014

Reflection for the Week–November 10

How rationality can be limited to p is not non p escapes me. I must be missing something. These types of proposals cannot really be serious. What’s rational, it seems to me, appears to deal with a larger surface than the mind or principles of logic. After all positivism and rationalism are like; ‘dead in the water.’ But no doubt, I could be mistaken on this. Yet, I can’t help offering a small wager. That is, rationality has to deal with the laboratory of relationality, or even more challengingly, the laboratory of life (see Thursday Thoughts - October 16 and Living Spiritual Rhythms - October 22) if it is to be considered rational. Thus, the notion of rational should be as mega (Big) as it can get, without supposing that it will ever be meta (Total).