Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Living Spiritual Rhythms–October 8

Competing voices float around in us like butterflies on a spring day and are part of being human. Which one’s to listen to as authoritative is an ongoing quest that is connected to trust and suspicion. The bold and cutting voice of inappropriate accusation, condemnation, and guilt that results in self-hate is often so loud that it prevents us from hearing the voice of appropriate freedom, capacity, and encouragement, which results in self-love. Changing how we listen, therefore, is essential to living a well lived life. This shift will not happen through an act of the will alone, although the will may challenge us to listen again. What we’re in desperate need of is a line of appeal that goes beyond our wills and which acknowledges that there are more objective trustworthy criteria available (other, biblical text, and world to mention a few) to heighten the volume of the voice of love that comes to us a precious resource of self-love.