Monday, March 31, 2014

Reflection for the Week–March 31

The Phenomenon of Quitting church is reaching epidemic proportions. Caught in the vice between those who exchange the gospel for a social code and those who market it as a consumer product, streams of people are flowing out of churches. From what I can tell, many of them long for God, love, truth, credibility, justice, and redemption, but are disappointed with what the church is offering. Bagels and coffee, and promises of health and wealth, are limited and breaking down. Thus, today’s pseudo–gospel is having less and less traction, and for this we should rejoice. Yet, the fallout is serious, in that the legitimate questions people are asking are not being addressed, nor are these folk being provided with a place to dwell, which has more to do with spirituality, than merely a geographical home. Rich and diverse gospel-centered communities are essential to the renewal of the faith and will contribute to the demise of what has been known as church for far too long.