Wednesday, August 28, 2013

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Living SpiritualityLS-II-3D

We live in a time when spirituality seems to include everything and mean nothing.


Dr. Gregory J. Laughery offers us a fresh perspective rooted in Scripture and shaped by his own experiences as Director of the L'Abri community in Switzerland. As he develops an authentic biblical interpretation of spirituality, Laughery draws from a wealth of memorable conversations at L'Abri on topics such as: God's character in light of suffering, the problems of good and evil, the importance of love, our search for identity, and the significance of redemption.

This book confronts preconceptions, challenges cultural definitions, and opens up new possibilities for living spirituality.


Dr. Gregory J. Laughery lives and teaches at the L'Abri community in Switzerland. He is the author of Living Spiritual Rhythms; Living Apocalypse: A Revelation Reader; and Living Reflections: Theology, Philosophy, and Hermeneutics.