Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Living Spiritual Rhythms - August 21

In our Western cultural context there is a profound loss of faith in our capacity to be, to know, and to trust. Marginalizing God and adopting the pretentious capital ‘I’ created this woeful state. This ‘I’ functions as an authority of its own. When suspicion has become absolute, and an end in and of itself, it cripples our ability to be deeply committed to anything or anyone. Left in a supposed glorious dimension of suspension, floating from one experience to another, and snatching at everything, ‘I’ embraces nothing, but ‘I’. Thankfully, God has set a rescue operation in motion through Jesus Christ, which has the power to renew being, knowing, and trusting, while it reshapes suspicion and gives a truer and situated self in exchange for the deceptive ‘I.’