Monday, June 3, 2013

Reflection for the Week - June 3

To hear and read the gospel of Mark is to enter a world. This story is one of conflict and drama, possession and dispossession, subversive reversals of perspective, intrigue, mystery, and strange riddles, with Jesus as its central protagonist. As we enter the story world, we hear and read of struggles over life and death, issues of God and Satan, activities of angels and demons. It is far from a simple or nice story, filled with easy answers or a basic list of rules to follow. Readers, in contrast, are challenged to participate in the story and to lose their lives for Jesus’ sake in order to find them. Mark’s story is presented as a contentful drama to be acted upon. As the world of self serving power, greed, and the addiction to material possessions is shattered, readers are invited to embrace another world that will lead them towards a transformation of being and doing.