Monday, June 10, 2013

Reflection for the Week - June 10

God’s creational diffusion in humanity is a labor of love, which offers us at least three dimensions of who we are. We have been given the capacity to trust, desire, and imagine. These remarkable traits are all embedded in us. That is, we are trusting, desiring, and imagining beings at the outset, and each dimension is a complex part of our hard wiring. If this is the case, we cannot not choose whether to trust, desire, and imagine, since they are already there within us, yet we can choose who and what to trust, desire, and imagine. Sometimes our choices will get it right, though just as often we’ll get it wrong. When the latter takes place through being a self-determining or self-deceived self, we’re faced with the problem of brokenness and damaging ourselves or others. Thankfully, God’s salvfic transmission in Christ offers us, where need be, a new way of choosing that leads to healing and redemption.


carter said...

Vulnerability is what strikes me. This begins with being created in the image of God: the God who in Christ exposed himself to death as part of an act of reconciliation of the world to himself/herself. I have come to believe that reconciliation is our nature, and fear of vulnerability is what causes me to avoid reconciliation through asking for forgiveness and/or accepting that I need to be forgiven as well.

Greg said...

Thanks Carter. Good points. Perhaps, forgiveness is also part of our nature? If so though, the problem is that we are not vulnerable enough to always ask for, accept, or offer it as we should.