Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Living Spiritual Rhythms – June 12

God makes space. Let’s see if I can formulate what I’m trying to get at here. Through the created God gives us a space to be. The natural world and relational environment are gifts from God that allow us to dependent on him and independent from him. That is, I think God invites into community with himself, while desiring that we be free and responsible within the context of what has been made. This suggests that God is not offended or rejected when we take care of the earth and each other or when we’re creative and productive. These are some of the reasons that God created a world and that there is more than one human in the first place. God wants us to thrive, make beauty, and have appropriate relationships, and he provides the space for that to happen, since he created a world and persons outside of himself. I don’t believe that this creational space changes over time, but what we do with it is crucial. When it is used for idolatry or self-centeredness, we have a space abuse issue that falsifies who we are and denigrates God. In what then becomes broken space, redemption of space is necessary. Such a redeeming of space will re-frame what God originally gave and renew it, so that we can learn how to live in what has been given, without demanding to be who and what we are not. As followers of Christ, we are not self-determining selves, but neither are we robots. This means we’re tethered to God, yet because of this God chooses to let us go and to see what we will now make of the privilege of space.