Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Living Spiritual Rhythms – April 10

Prominent trends in Western culture tend to attempt to give everyone a spiritual and cultural lobotomy – the trite and superficial, silly and absurd, brain dead and uncreative often identify Westerners, and Christians are following close behind. The inevitable plight of the faithful seems to be that we’re always bringing up the rear.

I wager we are experiencing the deep psychosis of cultural despotism that is thoroughly soaked into our Christian flesh and blood, leaving us with empty imaginations. Our bones are disintegrating before our eyes, our hearts are exploding, and there is no strength left in our guts. Too much fast food spirituality.

Instead of subverting, challenging, and rebelling; leading our culture into redemptive ways - into a release from captivity, Christians tamely and politely do what everyone else is doing: participate in the lobotomy. Hail sound bites, venerate relativism, and worship the idol making self. These are some of the proposed present illusions for the good life. What a joke. Following the Crucified and Risen One and not thoughtless, frivolous Western culture, is our Exodus. God, bring us out of the inauthentic and into the land of the living. Free us from the cultural and spiritual lobotomizing taking place and renew and re-shape us in Kingdom fitting ways that confront and expose the allure of the counterfeit and deceptive.