Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Living Spiritual Rhythms - February 20

Unfortunately, Christians tend to embrace a vicious cycle of self-introspection that revolves around in a continual cadence of navel gazing, where they get lost in the circle of the same. Not that introspection is all bad, but when it’s all that there is, it becomes highly dubious. The end result of this is being a self-centered self. Living spirituality, by contrast, leaves plenty of room for self examination, but it would promote another self: a redeemed self. This self exists in contact with and in dependence on the Other and others, the biblical text, and the world, which allows for the possibility of going far beyond the narrow enclosure of its self.


carter said...

I may be getting off subject, but my greatest temptation in times of self-introspection is to begin to define myself by my sins or shortcomings rather than as the person scripture tells me that God sees. I must make a conscious effort to be "transformed by the renewing of" my mind. Maybe this is where Centering Prayer and meditation will redirect me: to focus on God and my original creation in the image of God.

Greg said...

Thanks. Indeed, on topic. Such a good observation. A solely self-defined self is a false self. We need that transformation, direction, and focus on God.